Heather Ringo, Writer

As a professional writer, receiving constructive criticism which is actually constructive is integral to my revision process. Joanne Machin's feedback checks every box: it is simultaneously brutally honest, supportive and kind. She is able to provide both detail-oriented line editing and idea-level revision suggestions at the same time, in a way which supports forward progression. I cannot say enough good things about her, and I hope you will consider hiring her for your project.

Kayley Robsham, Business Strategy Coach

“Joanne has an incredible gift of supporting others through her editing style. She helped me edit a workbook for grammar, sentence structure, and tense. I’ve always been self-conscious of my writing (since high school), and with Joanne’s help, I was able to publish my first workbook in my business and have a successful launch. As I proceed with building out more content and my website, I will be working with Joanne as my business grows. If you’ve been considering hiring an editor for your website, ebook/workbook, she is amazing at what she does! Joanne is reliable, communicative, and she added the final touch that was needed to my work!”

Ijeoma Nwaogu, Ph.D., Author, Speaker, and Coach

“I actually thought I only needed a few tiny edits here and there, but I was very wrong. I needed so much work! I ended up revamping my entire book because I learned that it read like a boring textbook instead of an inspiring book that college students would actually want to read. Joanne taught me how to write using my ‘coaching’ voice, which was something I had never even heard of before, but it was transformative. My writing was initially really abstract and I didn’t even know it was. Joanne taught me how to write using more concrete descriptions to paint a picture for the reader. Her knowledge about college students was also very beneficial as she helped me to know current language used by younger folks. Joanne provided me with loads of feedback and I must admit, it felt heartbreaking to go back through and basically rewrite my book, but the feedback she gave me was absolutely necessary! I owe the success of my book to Joanne! It turned out to be what it is supposed to be. I will definitely seek Joanne’s services for my future projects. She is a gem and I highly recommend her!”

Elizabeth Y, Graduate Student

I asked Joanne to help me with an application for graduate school, and she delivered on that and more. She was speedy, thoughtful, insightful, and gave me a lot of tools to improve my writing that I still use today. I really appreciated that she not only proofread my work, she also took the time to give me an hour long consultation over the phone, going over every piece of my application and making the whole thing stronger. As a result, I was accepted to four graduate schools, including my dream school. I'm incredibly grateful to Joanne for her help!

Paula V, Content Marketing Specialist

Joanne came at a perfect time in my life.  I was dealing with feeling unfulfilled in my current field of higher education, and suffering from a lack of vision in what I wanted to pursue next.  My desire to live a passionate and fruitful life felt impossible. Joanne swooped in like the angel that she is to provide compassionate but critical support to help me live in my truth.  My life changed by the self-inquiry she facilitated within me. There were so many questions she asked that I would have never thought to ask myself, and the internal conversations translated to making impactful decisions to build towards my dreams.  When I first came to her, I was working a part-time job in a field that I despised and longing to leave the nest of my parents’ home. In two months time under her guidance, I landed my dream job as a full-time creative in the planner industry, resulting in moving out from my Orange County family home to live in San Diego on my own.  Joanne makes the impossible, possible. I highly recommend her to anyone needing clarity and creativity to live their most meaningful lives!

Conor Johnson, Author

This was my first big project, and Joanne was fantastic to work with! She got the job done quickly, and she caught issues and made suggestions I’d never have considered. She did what I wanted from an editor, of course - she caught the spelling, grammar, and clarity issues. However, she also worked with me on stylistic points to make sure that my ideas and points came through with the impact I intended. My final manuscript is considerably stronger - and a MUCH better read - for her work on it!

(Read about Conor’s adventures as college educator here!)

Alana Albertson, Author

Joanne is great! She has a wonderful attention to details, great grammar skills, and deep insight into story plot, flow, and pacing. She works incredibly fast and is flexible. I would recommend her to anyone.

(Find out more about her books here!)

Ashley C, Nonprofit Administrator

I reached out to Joanne in early November feeling really frustrated and hopeless about a job search while located in Pittsburgh that was bringing me to Seattle to relocate with my partner. Joanne helped me identify what was important, helped the wording on my resume and cover letter to make it less "student affairs" and, most importantly, recommended a job she knew of that she thought would be a good fit. Long story short, I applied for the executive assistant position and was instead offered an operations manager title, after the President of the nonprofit told me, "you're too highly qualified and you're a great fit for the work we want to do". I was shell shocked in the best way, offered a GENEROUS (and frankly, WELL DESERVED) compensation package and now after nearly a year and 3 time zones apart, my partner and I will be about to start our lives and family together. Joanne, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. That was probably the BEST [investment] I have spent in my life.

Robert B, Nonprofit Arts Administrator

I have consulted Joanne on several projects over the years, both personal and professional. Most recently, Joanne helped me to great success with my CV and cover letter which landed me my current position at a Seattle nonprofit. Said organization was and is essentially my dream job, and I have no doubt that Joanne played a huge part in my attaining this goal.

Joanne is a consummate professional; she is precise and critical, but also thoughtful and supportive. In addition to her great skill as an editor and consultant, she’s also nothing short of a pleasure to work with.

Chelsey S, Graduate Student and Educator

I was drowning under my Master’s application essays and was beginning to panic as the deadline approached. That changed when I started working with Joanne. Her feedback was speedy, concise, and ultimately helped me clearly convey exactly what I wanted to get across to admissions. I’ve been accepted to my first-choice program, and I owe much of that success to Joanne’s excellent editing skills.

Kori M, Graduate Student

I worked with Joanne to revise my personal statement and CV for graduate school, and the results were a success; I was admitted to my first choice school and Art History program in London, UK.

Overall impression: Joanne helped with editing my statement and curriculum vitae over my admissions process. I appreciated her attention to detail as well as her eagerness to help even at the last minute when the clock was ticking closer to my deadline. I had never actually had the opportunity to write a CV in my professional career so I was the most nervous about that portion. Despite my second guessing, Joanne knew how to best represent my experience in the field, and loved all of her suggestions for laying out the details. I would highly recommend Joanne to anyone I know and would encourage you to do the same.